Delicious, nutritional and complete meals

With Mum’s Mobile Meals delivery service, all the hard work is done for you — we prepare and deliver your ready-to-heat meals.

Our18 years of dealing with Aged Care and providers. If your CDC Home Care Package enables you to have ready meals delivered, you can choose your meal provider and opt for our FRESH meals.

Simply get in touch with the Home Care Service Provider that organises your home delivered  meals, request MUMSMOBILEMEALS  and we’ll invoice them directly. Alternatively, call our Customer Line on 6249 8048 or 0422 262 643, and we’ll set everything up with your Home Care Service Provider on your behalf.

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Perfect for new mums, elderly parents and newlyweds. Why not stock up a loved ones fridge with these delicious, nutritional and complete meals?

Delivery to Greater Hobart and it’s Surrounding Suburbs

With over 200 Main Courses, 126 Desserts, Soups, Salads, and Fresh Sandwiches, to choose from. Served with five seasonal Tasmanian vegetables, in microwavable or foil containers just heat and serve.

Meals are available in two sizes, and we can cater for Special/Individual dietary needs.

With Over 30 years of Hospitality Trade experience.

Tasmanian Owned and Operated.

SMS ‭0422 262 643‬


Mum’s Mobile Meals is the Homestyle and Gourmet Food Manufacturer who Home Delivers.

Here at Mum’s Mobile Meals, you can rest assured that your ordered food is guaranteed fresh, and will get delivered straight to your own home fast.

All of our meal containers are fully reheatable by microwave or in an oven.

This is our personal guarantee that your meals are not only fresh, tasty and filling but are handled with the utmost care and observing strict safety standards as well.

All Meals are served with five seasonal vegetables, in Microwavable or Foil Containers.
Meals are available in two different sizes and we cater for individual and Special diets,
e.g. Diabetics, low GI, and gluten-intolerant, and meals are low in fat,sugar, and salt, and soft-cooked.

Our delivery drivers are friendly and will go to great lengths to assist our customers.
We pride ourselves on our service and quality of product (Quality Guarantee).
Mum’s Mobile Meals has a food safety plan to make our product as safe as possible